January 09, 2010

After 2 days at Perdana Resort...


well....it have been quite long time ago i left my beneficial part in my life. Now it is the perfect time for me to learn again, as a good student to be a smart teacher..huhu... 2 days in Perdana Resort is quite tiring...exhausting..but a little bit relaxing...but deep in my heart..it is really..really interesting & awesome! Just imagine that at the age of 30, I have to learn a lot of k/ledge..it was a part towards a great life... i have to ..and I pray to Allah that I can carry on this until the end of my life. Amiin.. :)


  1. guano buat sa entri gap terus senyap?
    update lah.

  2. ish kak za nih..taw la dia dah terlebih advanced..ore baru koho2...crawling gitu,,ehehhe..dun worry, in progress..too busy..but i promise to keep up good work!


Thank You Friends!