August 31, 2010

Aku Dapat Award!

sambil berblogwalking sesudah sahur,saya tertarik nak follow satu blog tue...kat sini: ..rupa2 nya saya pengunjung bertuah pada hari tue..follower ke 100 rupanya & x sangka2 dapat friendship award ni!!
and i just! (penangan Justin Bieber)
and i was really really impressed..!! anyway thanks a million to my new blogger friend,
d'ya fiza . semoga ukhwah yang terjalin dirahmati Ilahi

August 24, 2010

Trans Tahan Expedition 2002 in Memory...

mana satu gue...hehhe..

(ni ehsan from google image..huhu-latest view in 2010)

Entry aku kali ni nak share ngan rakan2 blogger pasal unforgettable memory 8 tahun lepas iaitu masa zaman aku muda remaja...gagah perkasa malah zaman anggun jelita dolu-dolu...huhu..muahhahaha..(ups!!..skang dah xanggun ker!..dah sedar diri kut...keke)..well story ni actually aku buat about 2 weeks after the program, pastu aku save kat pc & disket aku..zmn tu mana wujud lagi pendrive / thumbdrive nieh..kalo disket krg phm la life dia takat mana kan, but I’ve have done my best decision at that time to print out to get a hardcopy and i thought that i may share it sooner or later. However the saddest part is when i lost the complete itinerary from day 1st to the last. Yg itu sebenarnya paling valuable coz lebih detail. But it’s okay as i keep it neatly in my mind as much as i could. (waahh..syahdunya..:-])
Kalo korang nak taw,report aku buat nih konon2nya nak publish kat bulletin kelab masa tuh, tapi tunggu punya tunggu rupa2nya mmg kat sini suka aku abadykan memory yg xseberapa nih kat blog aku yg xseberapa hebat blog korang agar ia xterpadam begitu saja..aku pun blehla nak surf balik pengalaman berharga ni bila aku tua nanti..(ups..skang bukan ke dah tua...muaahahah..!!)
Well...secara ringkasnya mcm ni la essay aku at that time:..

Venue: Mount Tahan, Kuala Tahan, Pahang Darul Makmur
Director: Rozani bin Mahamood (Row)
Participants: 34 persons
Organized by: Adventure & Recreational Club (ARC)-kelab tersohor & termacho di IIUM!!
We first thought that the only thing that suits us well is going out of the pressure examination hall, looking for something different, new, remarkable and sweet in our life, and this club probably would do quite cool for that purpose. We have just finished our final examination for semester II 2002. So now it was the time to look the world outside of course out from this lovely and gorgeous garden of knowledge and virtue, IIUM. So for those who were unable to join that grand Conservation Project in Brunei and Sabah (of course that Kinabalu Expedition), will be given a chance to join this similar program that always done annually by ARC i.e Annual Trans Tahan Expedition 2002 that began from 23rd March until 31st March 2002-it was about 6 days in the forest.

So, the career of the first timer participant of mount climbing began here. It was about my fourth year career of climbing which began since 1997 where i was in matriculation centre at IIUM (it was in PJ). It was absolutely a wonderful experience for me as I used to only hike small mountains like Mount of Bunga Buah, Nuang, Stong-Ayam, Brinchang, Berlumut, Datuk, Angsi, Batu Putih,Ledang, etc. This one is more than 7000 feet and I had never dream before. I salute a lot to my superhero seniors who become great achievers of almost all 7000 ft mountains in Malaysia. It never be me!!
I was the one of the most PANCIT in the expedition. While hiking, my heart was just like crying...screaming.. and dying!!! Oh Tuhan...what on earth I’m doing??!! Am I crazy to leave my sweet room in Halimah College (my hostel at that time) and why I didn’t just back to Machang (my kampong laa..) helping mother??!! Astaghfirullahalaziim..know what, my heart pray a lot. I hate to depend to anybody as I voluntarily join this. I really miss my superb friends in need who else..Mc Jea..Mc Tiey..Syahid and a lot of my gangs in college. (to Mc Tiey...i was not rich enough at that time to collect 1k ++ for Kinabalu..pity me..huhu..)

For this expedition, we were divided into 3 groups and each of them gives full co-operation especially to bring all those nonsense rations! Of course sisters were always excused for bringing that heavy ration, but Achik,(is always the little girl, but now is a mother!)can brought it as well. Awesome Achik. I was once looked and tried to lift her haversack...perghhhh!!! as heavy as mountain!!, she brought together plates-frying pan and etc..and me?? Just brought my nonsense stuff..haha..
The expedition was joined by 3 expert trekkers namely Abg Sabri, Abg Mat and another younger man, Sabri. Of course they could mix us very well and were proud of our friendliness, passion and commitment and co-operation in every campsite. I had heard once from one of the trekker told that those RUNNERS were just too fast running make themselves tired catching them. The runners were in our team. Most of them are those excited junior and first timer climbers. And I just impressed with them. Well..keep up the good work.
But, some of those SWEEPERS were too patient of course. They used to sweep the PANCIT people like me, and those who are injured every day. For me, the SWEEPERS are always the greatest man on earth!! Why? Because they are just really (3x) patient people..never complain you know..if they did, they never ever can be a sweeper! Let me mention those macho and great sweepers of Trans Tahan 2002: Nizam, Paeng, Kerox, Abe Yoe and Prop. Good job and congratulations!
There, deep in the jungle, not all can be explained by words. We had explored all those marvellous view. Watching the fantastic sunset and sunrise will always an unforgettable moment that should not be missed. We reached the summit around 11am on the 2nd day. I had to put myself in friend’s lens. Never having own camera at that time!!.
I had my awful moment when I was not well, I had bad stomach ache and had nobody to refer to. I got to know some new awesome friends like Jijie (some people called him Boyan-not me!), and Ijan who used to be my great buddies until now! I just suffer at that time, and always hate to swallow that Chee Kit Teck Aun..uwekk..uwekk.. i kept on vomiting until my body was really2 weak. Again and again I just like dying..and dying.. Oh Tuhan, give me strength to struggle all this pain!!

Indeed we never surrender, it was almost over. And they just kept on climbing and again laughing and laughing with all those jokes. They just love climbing because climbing is always hard. And know what, they just love to play with all the mud and dirt. They just love the ordeal and hardship. They achieve a real satisfaction by hiking mountains. This makes them called a real man. And till today I don’t understand why certain man never tries to climb a single mountain, or even a hill?!! We shall learn a lot from this activity. It’s not just what we call co-operation, friendship, and even love (is it!!) , but i tell you, it is more and more excitement waiting, and it is always never ending “more” out there. Adios.

August 14, 2010

Fadhilat menjadi isteri...

Sambil mengemas-ngemas buku kat umah, tiba-tiba jatuh note ini yang masih tersimpan rapi. Seingat saya ini antara email yang sempat diambil daripada email semasa kerja di astro satu ketika dahulu. So daripada simpan, baik saya kongsi bersama semua blogger yg singgah sini untuk kebaikan bersama, kpd yang dah tahu Alhamdulillah, kpd yg belum, sama2lah kita hayati bersama..

Semua email berguna saya simpan, tp xdapat print kalau yg berkaitan dengan personal kat ofis. So saya salin kalo sempat, tp itulah, bila dah salin manual ni lupa sapa yang send, forward.. Doa saya, mudah2an org itu dapat pahala berganda-ganda. Jom para isteri dan sesiapa yang akan bakal jadi isteri pakat renung fadhilat / kelebihan kita selaku wanita dan seorang isteri kepada seorang suami...

1-memberi/membuat segelas air untuk suami=mendapat pahala puasa sunat satu hari
2-menyedia/memasak makanan yang mengenyangkan suami=mendapat pahala haji/umrah
3-perkhidmatan terhadap suami=mendapat pahala yg tak putus-putus
4-menghamilkan benih suami=mendapat pahala syahid
5-isteri mandi junub dengan suami=sedekahnya seperti sedekah 10,000 ekor kambing kpd fakir miskin
6-suami meninggal dunia dahulu daripada isteri dan meninggalkan anak=fadhilat, isteri mendidik anak itu menjadi seorang soleh , berguna dengan didikan agama yang sempurna, maka suami tetap mendapat pahala dan menjadi banteng dari api neraka. Dan sekiranya isteri berkahwin lain, suami yang meninggal itu tetap dapat pahala sekiranya didikan isteri kepada anak2 berterusan dengan baik.

7-isteri yang memandang suami dengan harmoni dan menyukakan=seolah-olah berzikir kepada Allah
8-sekiranya seorang ister meninggal dunia dengan keredhaan suaminya, dia terus masuk syurga.

August 10, 2010

Fruit Fiesta!!

it is a fruit season! let's come and'll never have this if you are not in Malaysia...see, all in one..manggis-duku-dokong-rambutan anak sekolah & tak sekolah semua ada..hambek kau..

inilah pulut durian fav org kelantan,(pulut+santan+gula melaka/ gula pasir=gaul semua sekali & makan..) tp saya kurang suka..amek sket aje..kalo byk cnfrm xabis!!

haha..durian..ada kata berbisa..seulas tue sama dengan sesudu gula..jgn mkn xhengat..

inilah dia muke2 budak 5Bukhari...antara AJK yang bertungkus-lumus buat acara makan utk para cikgu ni...dah tu mkn pun tungkus lumus gak...xlarat nak bangun dah...hehhe
salam 1 Ramadhan..bulan yang penuh keberkatan...sama-samalah kita ambil peluang ini membuat ibadat sebaik mungkin..

tadi..kat sekolah saya ada tazkirah bulanan untuk para guru..sebelum tue mudir bagi sikit sebanyak info tentang exam week start thursday nih. Kiranya bulan puasa nnt adalah bulan exam utk students ni..senang la sket nak study, xdela nak pikir sgt pasal mkn..x gitu...hehhe

pastu geng kelab BADAZ (Badan Dakwah Sekolah) buat majlis buah-buahan..antaranya makan pulut durian dan makan segala buah-buahan yang ada kat sini..dengar-dengarnya ada orang kampung sponsor...(ingatkan beli..)baik pakcik tuh..byk pahala dia....

tapi kan, lambakan buah-buahan kat sini menjadi-jadi..banyak tak hengat ..rasanya bukan kat sini jek..satu Malaysia kot...

siti kawan saya ada bagitau, makcik jual goreng pisang pun org xberapa nak beli dah, pakat beli buah..abg burger pun kurang masyuk gak coz semua pakat beli buah..

tapi........dah nak masuk bulan pose nih, pemilik buah xmampu nak jual dah coz hampir semua orang dah ada. nak tak nak dorang main bagi je kat sape2 yg tak kenal. lagi best suami saya pening bila ada uncle tue bagi kat dia 14kg buah duku mintak tlg jual..dia bagi RM1.50 aje sekilo..masih xterjual...huhu