December 20, 2011

Suatu Anugerah ...

 Assalamualaikum semua..
Let's the photos talk..

My name: Nur Aisya Zahraa. I was born 2 weeks earlier, it was on 5th Dec 2011 I can see the world...How beautiful it is!  Look at my chubby cheeks and my double chin. Yeah...I eat so much while I was in the mum's great womb!

Please love me!

She's the one who choose my name!

And Sofiya always agrees!

I feel happier than before!


  1. wahh ada baby baru!!

    tahniah ikah....dah ada tiga dara pingitan nampaknya hikhik~

  2. Tahniah...moga mejadi sebuah keluarga yang bahagia..^^

  3. MM: thanks. Ha'ah 3 dara pingitan la jawabnya..


Thank You Friends!