February 27, 2012

Kisah Sedih Jack

Just look at those pictures. I had this story for already 3 weeks. It's issue of time and Internet Service Provider (ISP) at my place to delay such story.

Jack belongs to "Mr.Nobody". I really had no idea what happened to him

Jack entered our back door -went into the kitchen- of course looking for food.

Then my children cried to help him. We gave him some wet food. Alhamdulillah Jack ate them all. He was really hungry.

Something happen at his mouth. I think he was crying as I put him into the cage. I could see some tears dropped from his eyes (smelly liquid from his mouth as well). What on earth happen to Jack?

I knew you hurt much my dear. Don't worry. I promised to help you, Jack.
p/s: Jumpe lagi next entry


  1. huhu kecian...semoga cepat sembuh! nak nages pulak..

  2. kesian...nasib bertemu dgn kuarga kamu...moga2 dia akan sembuh...sy doakan semuanya baik2 shj...nanti update tntang jack yer..terima kasih sudi bantu dia..

  3. Poor my Jack. Please help him... Semuga Allah melimpah rahmat pd Rafikah sekeluarga, aminnn..

  4. Oh no! Poor Jack! Aunty Ikah jaga Jack baik-baik tau. purrr....meow!

  5. poor Jack...tq Ikah for your help. Godbless

  6. Naz & the rest: okayhh. Thanks semua

  7. Poor Jack..bawak g vet ye Ikah.. Thank you for saving Jack! God Bless..


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