October 08, 2012

My Sifu

This is my best sifu ever. She is so kind, so friendly, so smart as she is also known as the best GC (Guru Cemerlang) in this state- in English Subject for Secondary School. I used to get her as the speaker for English slot especially SPM students. I don't think there will be somebody else can replace her awesome skill esp in approaching uninterested student for English. Here we go, Madam Azalina bt Mohd Yusoff, from SMSTMFP . One of the best school in Kelantan State. Here we go.

Madam Azalina bt Mohd Yusoff. 

Thanks for your awesome effort Puan. 

With some SPM 2012 candidates.

(senyum tiga)


  1. yg sorang lelaki tu, form 4 bru teacher ieykah! :D


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