October 18, 2010

A Day at Jeram Linang...

Sekali sekala pegi makan angin ngan family ...best gak kann..lately i just too busy with a lot of things to do..maklum saja sambil kerja sambil belajar. But it should not be the reason to neglect my family.. coming saturday nanti, 23/11/10 would be my final exam for this semester. My beloved lecturer for ELS, Kak Fanis is the most helpful person, hope can answer well!!

Alright, these are the photos of previous holiday kat Jeram Linang. We were among the first family to arrive there! we got a superb locations for our stuff. Nanti ada free time kita jenjalan kat tempat lain plak yer..xkisahla dekat pun, xperlu sampai obersi...janji the whole family kita happy kan!!

ni sampai lam pukul 11.40 am...canteq kan..

masak food dari umah...best ..:)

dah bwk kids ni pegi tmpt cetek aje...for safety :)

dia suke mandi!

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  1. i've been to Jeram Linang once...but it was 10 years back i think...it is a nice place to relax our mind...hoping that i'll get a chance to go there again


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