October 27, 2010

Go ! Go! The Red Warriors!!

well...it's not a formal page for the TRW team. I just support them just like you!! The Kelantanese people are really well-known of their high spirit in achieving their goals. Please never ever underestimate them okay?!

Hah!! One more thing, they too will act aggressively if been tortured too much. Never try to provoke them alright!!..but I believe that they will act rationally this time. Pray to God that SUCCESS will be ours!

It is precisely when we have suffered defeat that we can determine to win and open the path to future victory.

There are times when a victory or success can actually become the cause for future defeat or failure. Likewise, defeat can become the cause for victory in the future.

Dear all TRW supporters:
  • please behave rationally
  • never use harsh words to the opponents
  • let's respect each other
  • never bring babies!!! pity them
  • please do not bring all those kind of MERCUN (childish!!)
  • never leave SOLAT!
  • don't vandalizes or smash up the SNBJ (it comes from your money!!)
  • keep on praying...and
  • support them till the last whistle ..okay??


  1. pity our KAFA
    never lets all KELANTENESE pay rm1 each person like before

    however, i'm really proud when looking at their spirit, so supportive
    i hope TRW will win this time

    all the best TRW
    i wish you will win
    hope nothing will be happened like last year, ok! hehe

    *moga sorakan semangar ini didengar oleh smua*

  2. betul tue penaberkala..pity our KAFA, never let them waste our money again!!

    wish them best of luck

  3. Semoga kelate menang ye...GO GO KELATE!!!


Thank You Friends!