February 01, 2013

She's Already 1!

Fulfilling my promise to bake a chocolate cake-but i'm too busy, so got this delicious 1/2 kilo for RM17. 
Sounds banyak duit, but for daughters' sake. Sekali sekala no hal. 

She's already 1 year and 2 months old. Couldn't celebrate on time due to my final exam of previous semester.

Her small hands shows how she just can't wait 

(Ants Cake; KB area-homemade cakes call#014 8009 127)


I knew giving her this would be messy, but I really don't mind


a stain on nose

a bit more

and more

let me handle this,my duty anyway. (wah chegu..baru balik skul ker..name tag tak remove lagik)

..and suddenly she wants an apple 


whatever...~ anyway Happy Birthday Nur Aisya Zahraa binti Mohd Zakri. Semoga membesar sebagai anak yang solehah penyejuk hati semua orang. Aminnn

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