December 22, 2012

Never Fade Moments~SPM 2011~ (Part 1)

I have just created new label "my awesome students" specially dedicated to all my beloved students. It's kinda cool looking back and realizing how much things have changed and then it hits me how many have just left when they said they would always miss me! OMG..OMG.. I will always miss you two, three and four my dear students! we go, it was almost fade memory since it was about last year's memory and another new fresh memory is waiting for 2012 and coming 2013. 

It was a SPM Camp somewhere in October 2011. Photos taken in Min House Camp, 4 days course before facing SPM examination. I wish all of them are happy and having great moments in their life; doing research for their study, struggling for another phase of examination in college, having semester holidays, long course, or whatsoever. I wish they always safe and in state of joy and happiness all the time. 

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