January 15, 2011

My Hardworking Sya!

I feel quite relieve to have such hardworking daughter. She's really obsessed with her work. Sya now is in her Standard One, and she shows full commitment as a student! She's really excited to be in school. She will finish up all her homework after school. She had been in school since 5 years old at a preschool, and she got bored when she reached 6 years old at KEMAS. She had learns all the basic knowledge at her age. It's good that the government introduce another new KSSR this year. I hope it will create better outcome from our generation in the near future.

even she's in front of that so called cartoons, she stays focusing on her work, not like her little sister..will jump when it comes to fun songs on tv

bend her body to write

and sometimes this little Sofiya will get familiar with her sister's hobby

they can work together and mess up everything together, and never forget to fight together as well..

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